FTB had the pleasure to sit down with songwriter/composer from Sweden...Acoustic Maddie. If reading the title's of her music collections, one would think you were about to sit and watch a movie. That is exactly how she touches the soul and brings out all emotions through her words and videos. Sit back and read into the mind of Acoustic Maddie and give her music a listen...you will not be disappointed and please support her by liking the page and following her on Facebook. 

 What inspires you, as a songwriter, to dig deep into the dark soul of creativity and grab the heart and spirit holding the emotions, bound tight, hidden in a weak soul, screaming for attention? 

I like the power of being able to transfer people from one place to another, just by telling a story. I like the challenge of making them face emotions that are not always conventional and I like to extend the limit by talking in the lyrics about topics that make you think. 

How do you greet the daylight each morning? 

Like Bon Jovi …. with an ironclad fist i wake up and french kiss the morning 

What is the happiest moment of your life? 

The day I first was able to look my kids in the eyes after long delivery time. 

What have you done or plan to do to help mankind? 

I volunteered a lot in organisations for human rights. Among that I have working with kids in Jerusalem, started economical organisation for kids that are in poor families and can not afford doing sports (So they could continue) and I stood up against massive hatred and death threats from football hooligans when I was organiser in a football clubs attendance in Stockholm pride. 

The club claimed that they stood up for human rights and wanted to have a place in the parade but as soon as the threats started to come they were hiding. It was horrible but I am proud we went trough. 

I did loose some so-called friends in this because they were more interested of being part of the football club and claimed that I should not stand up “So much” because that would not make “us win the “war”. I'm not sure which war to win except for the greatest win must be to show the vulnerable that we are here for them and not willing to bow for threaths. To stand up for equality and peoples rights and during this time of hatred people came by telling me “Thank you for standing up for my rights to be me”. Sometimes that is the greatest victory and We also won the people's price for standing up against hatred. 


In ten years, what will people say about Acoustic Maddie? 

I live now and do not think ahead that long time, but hopefully some people still enjoy the music. 

How many people do you have on the Acoustic Maddie team? How do they help your movement? 

Except for the singers (That vary in numbers) we are 9 people that regularly work together from the first shivering steps of writing, through the control room to graphic. 

Do you believe in karma? If so, how has it affected your life? 

Nope, if Karma did exist we would have had several different world leaders.  

Religion or love? 

Some people think religion is about love but I would prefer just emotions.I do not believe that humans could only feel love. And  frankly both love and anger drives the world forward. Sometimes people need to be pissed off to stand up and change things. 

What is a day in the life of Acoustic Maddie? 

It includes at least 1-3 hours musical practice but otherwise I do not do regular days, I work in a very creative environment with humans and humans are driven by emotions which means there is no way I know in beforehand what to expect. 

What is something that you want the whole world to know about you? 

That if you need music... I'm here for you

Music is not supposed to be nice – It´s supposed to make you feel something!”

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