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Thank You...Hope You Still Listening

  1. 1 My Life 02:00
  2. 2 Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" remake by BTR, JD, Biggie Whit and Pretty Boy 02:41
  3. 3 Faded 01:03
  4. 4 Hope You Still Listening (Rolling Stone Rmx) 03:05
  5. 5 Party BTR and JD 03:11
  6. 6 F*ckd Up BTR and JD 03:39
  7. 7 Drank In My Cup feat Pretty Boy 02:33
  8. 8 It's Been A Pleasure BTR and JD 02:36
  9. 9 Dreams 03:18
  10. 10 She Say feat Kul Ray 03:50
  11. 11 Say Something 04:07
  12. 12 Good Life PB JD and BTR 02:43
  13. 13 Runaway Girl 02:51
  14. 14 Last Hope remake 03:11
  15. 15 The Badness ft Kul Ray 02:07
  16. 16 Til It's Over ft Lil Man 04:05
  17. 17 Loft Music outro 05:06

I’m Brandon Tyrell Ratliff, AKA Born Too Real, AKA BTR. I was born on 6/23/1991 and I live in the Troy, NC area. I’m a hip hop powerhouse with FTB Records, and my website home is
When it comes to music, I’m determined, driven, motivated, and passionate. Music is my life and in life I work hard, I believe in myself, I set goals and I achieve those goals. Success is my only option and I never settle for anything less than the best. I use my music to tell my story, to relate to others, and to show that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. No matter how low I’ve gotten, I always know that I can and will rise above. My passion for sharing my stories and beliefs through my music is why friends dubbed me Born Too Real—I’m a hip hop philosopher every step of the way.
I was first told I had the gift of rhythm and flow when I was 14, but I never really took it seriously until age 19. I gave up basketball and other hobbies to solely focus on my music and discovered my talent and passion.
In 2009 I joined FlyGang, with Pretty Boy and Biggie Whit, this was my first real music outlet. FlyGang didn’t last, so next I worked with Biggie Whit forming LOI (Legion of Impetuous – Liberal League). We worked with E Carolina Prodigy and Killa Kwabo among others. With LOI I gained fans and notoriety, and both have followed me into my solo career as BTR.
My motto is “If it ain’t ILL it ain’t REAL.” In 2012 I joined FTB Records because it’s a label home with my same beliefs. With the help of FTB, my debut mixtape Thank You…I Hope You Still Listening was released the same year. At you can find singles and videos available for download and you can keep in touch with me and in tune with where the music takes me next.

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