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We are here today, with an amazing soul and mind grabbing artist that goes by the name of Ed Roman. Greetings, and thank you for taking the time out for FTB Records to pick your brain and allowing us to travel the mind of an award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and instrumentalist, that has accomplished success with music and humanitarian feats.


What is a day like in the life of Ed Roman?


I feel a gentle wrapping on my stomach from my bowels saying "get up and release me..."

It is then to the tap to draw some fresh cool water from my well where I engage in the global conventional practice of the black elixir of life. Coffee..

It's to my mail and social media I go checking everything that happened from yesterday and everything that is going to happen today. Filtering through all of the news media and seeing what is going on around the planet. I'm always in a state of perpetual song writing so this is always a bigger part of my daily existence.. i'm usually planning dinner at about this time and somehow food culture and my practice of music go hand-in-hand.

I'm always trying different things in my studio working on song ideas. I'm looking for connections between the lyrics I write in the melodies and cord structures that I am always developing.. it's really an ongoing process that never ends.

Dinner is a time of reflection in conversation and somehow in that mechanism there is a reflection on what I've been writing over the course of the day. The cooking process means listening to music.

Old vinyl records are specially my favourite at suppertime as they conjure some wonderful feelings that support the whole process of the wind down moment of my day..

In the evening I like to shut my mind off for a while and watch or read about politics, sociological issues from everything to addiction problems and investigative work by detectives...


How many instruments do you play?


My primary instrument is the bass guitar. I fell in love with this about the age of 14 as a result of nobody wanting to play it in the band I was in. Prior to that I play guitar and I've always dabbled with it since I was a child. I never really put the guitar down but I wholeheartedly proceeded music on my base in college and I've spent a good portion of my life composing performing and really treating that four stringed beauty more like a security blanket. I believe every musician to be a drummer at heart and I have always owned a drum set or had a connection to one in some faction. Rhythm is the whole deal. I branched out into percussion as a result of my experimentation on the drum set.

We had an old piano in our house which I still have. Heinzmann.. turn of the century. Again as a young child I quite often messed around with little ideas and have always pursued some sense of keyboarding over the course of my career. With all of that said there are tentacles to string instruments keyboards as well as all percussion instruments which lead me into the realm of about 12 to 14 different types..


On your visit to Jamaica, to shoot a video, you also assisted in giving aid to the island. Give us more detail on your accomplishments.


Jamaica is the jewel of the Caribbean. A vibrant culture robust in art and music. My experiences there have been rich as a result of my connections to the people that I meet. As a result of meeting so many people I came to understand that many people struggle. My wife and I decided to start sending shipping barrels of many things that are needed on a day-to-day basis. Items for children when going to school such as pens paper books shoes soap toothpaste old electronics clothing and just about anything that you can possibly think of we started to ship in barrels to people that we knew in different parishes on the island.

Through my travels I also came to understand that music education on the island wasn't as readily available as it should be to all children around the world. Through meeting people we have been in talks about starting a portable music school on a bus that goes from parish to parish to educate young children and give them hands-on instruction in this craft. The Jamaica music bus project is in it's working stages but we hope to have it become a figurehead for musical education all over the world.


How can we contribute to the movement?


For someone that struggled so greatly on an academic level I understand the potency and potential music has for growth, self-discipline and self-reliance inside if it's mechanism. It's not just the Jamaican music bus project that is important to talk about but the reality that music should be brought back into our school systems like a floodgate releasing water. It never ceases to amaze me how often I talk to people about their experiences as musicians and how their lives have become so enriched especially on a spiritual level. It also surprises me to know that so many people realize music is no longer as readily available in the school systems as it used to be. It is important for us to heroically yelp the importance of bringing this back to youth all over the world.


What advice can you give to an upcoming artist, striving to be successful in the business?


Be yourself. Always be yourself. If you're an asshole don't be an asshole be better than that. I have learned this sometimes the hard way. Pursuing something out of popularity is not a wise choice. Self expression is the key and who to know that better about yourself but you. There should be no rule, method, graph or equation that dictates what is successful in terms of writing songs or being successful in this industry. It is continually changing and we must change with it as we grow it must grow with us. The more that I put of myself in almost every nuance of what I do seems to bring me closer to the true reason why I started to do this. Yes I want to make money and pay my bills but I don't need a gold airplane or hot and cold running champagne to make me a good person. All I need is time and functionality. We are always losing time but there's no reason why we shouldn't function the way we need to in this industry. Even if I don't make $1 million the important thing is that when I look back at what I've done I am proud of the art that I have created and that I made it for the reasons.. Success and stature happens over time and a result of our continual persistence in the craft that we so love.


Musically, where do you see yourself in 2020?


20/20 is hindsight. :)


The biggest thing for me is connecting with people all over the world. Music is a communication tool. If I may be so bold.... a sociological marker as to how people feel at this moment in time. Somewhat of a documentation woven into a tapestry of colour through Music, metaphors and the admission of the ego. I can't stop really..... I have no choice. This is a lifelong mission that I never see ending at any point or ever feeling like I will ever be able to say enough. I'm hoping we're all still here in 2020 and we're not killing each other. That we've found some kind of mechanism of understanding so we can get on with it...


In your song “I Am Love”, you sang lyrics that stated, “I am a messenger, I am a radical, I am love”. What was the inspiration to create this?


Probably one of the darkest moments in the last couple years of my life.


We cannot help as human beings or at least me think about my mortality and my existence. The ongoing question as to why we are here. Music seems to be the catalyst for me when it comes to pulling myself out of a funk and by asking myself the question, Ed? Why the fuck are you here?

I feel music contains great messages and as I mentioned somehow a picture of who we are in this moment of time. I am fascinated by history and archaeology and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of description that we have from our past which is such a wonderful teacher and purveyor of information of who we were and what may be to come. That's my job. I write messages. I tell stories. I am a storyteller. Somebody call Pliny the younger..

I'm pretty forthright about my opinions and some people might even find what I have to say or talk about uncomfortable. I enjoy radical thinking an extreme change as a result of detesting schedule and seeing far too much repetitiousness in so much that goes on around us. That doesn't mean I am not and observer of ritual but to me life sometimes needs to penetrate into areas which we are most uncomfortable. It usually means that we're learning something in someway. I believe the Chinese word for destruction is a duality word which also denotes opportunity. With that said the concept of love in a very chaotic world that is not listening to each other is greatly required at this moment. It is a radical idea to approach fear hatred anxiety and just about every kind of negative reaction we have with a positive action. It may sound cliché, hippie dippy trippy whatever you want to call it... it doesn't matter to me... the reality is... love and understanding is what binds us all together.


Are you a Hip Hop fan? Would you ever consider doing collaboration with a hip hop artist?


I'm old-school but I'm never afraid of trying anything. I grew up listening to Run DMC, Tone Loc, and De La Soul so I could see a cross-referencing happening at some point in time..


What are your thoughts on the United States President Donald Trump?


How far does the rabbit hole go Ed and how many of them are there?

I wants thought about writing a book called the 21st-century going to crypto politics but then realized I didn't want to be tracked by the IBF AIC and just about every other agency on this planet that is watching people talk about clandestine political behaviour..

The important thing to realize is that what needs to occur if we wish to operate in a democratic and or democratic republic is that there needs to be a complete reformation from the bottom up when it comes to government on all levels.. Our municipalities are where life happens. Real life. People working three jobs, having children, fighting in the concrete and digital pantheon that we all now tango in.. these are the people that make up the countries. They are the word of the country. They are the decision of the country. On a provincial level or state level this is where we begin to see extreme collusion and corporate back room shenanigans that are continually on the move. When then approaching a federal level the encrusted leviathan that we know was a government which is assisted by old world ideas and concepts is the poor framework and foundation for idiocy through poor leadership. This will inevitably be the downfall of most countries which will then be swept up a buyout take over.. This has been a continual equation all through history whether it be through militaristic or conventional economic collapse.

I have not much to say about many politicians in the federal realm as I don't believe them to be what they are supposed to be. Public servants! They are there to serve the public and speak on our behalf as a representation of the publics believes, ideals and sociological necessities..

This is not occurring.

Until the public educates themselves about the reasons that we are in such jeopardy especially when it comes to being trillions and trillions of dollars in debt or truly how the operation of government exists and was created and functions which is next to impossible considering there is no transparency or an open door policy, only then will the public realize that extreme change needs to happen from the bottom up. with us.. stop looking for a saviour... I don't trust politicians... I trust public servants...


Is the earth round or flat?


Information is gold. It is greater than gold. And those that lust gold no nothing of information.

Textbooks tell us that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Never was there such an incredible lie as this. It may be true but the reality of is those that knew long ago like ancient Vikings the Japanese, early Minoan cultures and even the nights Templer all were well aware of the idea that this ball was round.. The idea that the earth was flat was a story akin to something in Scooby Doo in order to make people afraid of the idea of conquest and moving forward pass the empire.. it's as round as a peach..


How can the readers contact you on social media?


First off let me say thank you so kindly for having me today and it's been a pleasure to be able to talk about my craft and the passion behind what I do.

You can check me out at www.edroman.net where you will find a number of my social network buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc..

please pick up the latest album RED OMEN on iTunes, Amazon or CdBaby and anywhere music lives today.

Thank you for choosing Ed and we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight..

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