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 I’m J-Rich, AKA Country Rich, a hip hop/rap artist from Montgomery County, NC. I was born 9-26-1989 and have been rapping for fun since age 7. I pay tribute to the underground with my different, futuristic style, and I believe that motivation is key: Key in music and key in life.

I’m a self-made artist, hailing from the small town of Mt. Gilead, NC. I represent the struggle and the hustle, coming from a humble and rough upbringing. My hobbies include poetry, drawing, and basketball. I also enjoy working on cars—I do paint jobs, air brushing, and customizing. I’m a Christian with a strong belief in God, and I always stay fresh with my Levi’s and Nike’s. I’m a fan of the bad b*tches club, yo!

My favorite artists and inspirations are B.I.G., Rick Ross, Cassidy, Big L, Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane. My own style includes southern slang, country lingo, and an honest, down to Earth attitude.

In 2003 I started rapping under JIGZ Entertainment, with CEO Dolla Bill. In 2007 I formed a Certified Street Team with Tre Black, J Bizzy, Sharp Shooter, Big Will, SB, and F.L.O.W.

I have mixtapes dropping both this year and next year, titled Rich the Astronaut, Pt 1, and Rich 101. My first full length feature record will be titled “Rich…Born Poor “and will represent the poor with a Robin Hood type story and feel.

Motivation is key!

J Rich Music

Old music from J Rich...something for the people until he completes his newest songs and album that will drop the beginning of 2013!

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