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Kul Ray

Kul Ray Singles from 2013

Kul Ray Artist Bio

I’m Raymond Carr, the underground recording artist known as Kul Ray. I’m with FTB Records and my website home is
I was born on 6/6/1989 in Erie, PA. I have three siblings, Rene, Zack, and Eric. My mom is Norma Jean Compton and my father was Raymond Carr Sr. He passed when I was 10, making me the man of the house. After my father passed, we moved to NC. Most of my childhood wasn’t easy. We moved around and my family was strapped for cash. Opportunity didn’t come knocking that often, but I was still able to see the silver lining and took creative advantage of the ups and downs of life. Thankfully, from age 14 on, I was blessed with great friends and strong mentors. These relationships opened doors and helped me to realize my potential as a man and an artist.
I’m very intellectual—I love to talk history, politics, law, and culture. I’ve lived in the North, the Mid Atlantic, and the South. I’ve also lived low class, middle class, and high class. My eccentricities, thirst for knowledge, and mixed vantage points have made me the well-rounded person I am today. Through my music I can relate to large groups of people from a variety of backgrounds, and they can relate to me. I’m honest with my fans and I refuse to patronize my listeners by going full commercial. I’ve got a natural ear for strong rhythms and fresh beats, and while I may use a somewhat cliché hook from time to time, it’s never without reason—my music is always full of depth and there is plot in all my lyrics. FTB means “first the business,” and I stand by that, but for me the business is about passion and truth in music—not just money, not just fame.
I’m known in the Carolinas for my songs “Fresh Out the Bag,” Top of the Food Chain,” and “Exodus.” I’ve been featured on Carolina Showcase Vol 1 & 2 and Million Dollar

Kul Ray Mixtape 2013

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