Dance Artist Martone Takes the Industry by Storm

FTB Records had the privilege to interview rising star, Dance/Pop artist Martone for our first "Meet & Greet" session! With a love for music, he is masterfully winning the hearts of many and releasing his heart and soul to the world through every song and demanding his place in the music industry! Take a moment and allow your mind to travel through the evolution of Martone! #TEOM


Let the people, who are reading this interview, learn about and fall in love with Martone…Tell us who you are. 

I am a man that loves his family and friends. I am just like any other guy with dreams and aspirations to leave his mark in this world. I do what I can to help others succeed in their passion, dreams and goals. Generally, I am a laid back kind of guy that loves to laugh at things that I find funny. I am a music and movie fanatic I especially enjoy dance music. Along with dramatic, suspenseful and horror films. I just try to be a good human being, going beyond what is expected of me in all things that I do. I am a lover of life and I treat everyone the way that I wish to be treated. 

Describe your passion that you have for this thing we call “music”. 

My passion comes from music that allows me to feel, move my body and think. I love the way that music is associated with a time and a feeling about a moment when you hear it. It can bring back memories, it can also remind you of a time where things were simple, and where you are just full of joy for no reason at all. Music is something that connects us all. This is the type of thing that I would like to convey to my audience and hope that others while listening to my music will get it and understand it. 

Who or what influenced you to dive into the pop/dance genre? 

I have always loved dance music and I love to dance. Dance music has always been a passion of mine, I get it from my father seeing that he was a DJ for a time, and especially while I hosted a music video show. I would play the latest music videos, and try to emulate what I would see in these videos. Everytime I hear good music its hard for me not to move. Musicians and entertainers like Janet and Michael Jackson, Barbara Tucker, Darryl D'Bonneau and Paula Abdul influenced me heavily. I cannot think of anyone more than Janet, she was the one that inspired me. By keeping her moves innovative and not get allowing herself to stuck in a rut. I do hope that one day that I too, that I will be the same inspiration for someone else like she has been for me. 

What is a typical day like with Martone from 6 am to 1 am? 

Depending on what day it is - lately, I am up promoting my music, responding to emails, making sure that I did not miss 
anything on those fronts. I take my dog outside, I iron my clothes and I get ready for work. Throughout the day, I am 
constantly thinking on how to accomplish goals. My mind never stops working. 

You have released your album #TEOM - the Evolution of Martone – Deluxe edition, in July of this year, 2016. Who helped you bring this project to life? 

Yes I did. #TEOM is the third and last installment of this project. My cousin Michael E. Williams, II produced the entire album along with his son, Jacobi. The additional remixes where produced by Marvin Hairston, aka DJ Extreme Detroit and Tyrone Spencer aka DJ Suspence. 

How is your international tour that you started in January helping you grow more fans and bring in revenue? What was your favorite city to visit and perform in? 

The tour has been put on hold while we were revamping the performances, and finding the right people to work with. Further, the violence that going on has kind of put a damper on things. So, right now, I am not on tour. But as far as places I love to perform would be my hometown of Lansing, MI, Dallas, and Detroit. I look forward to restarting soon, but only with the right people and where I can feel safe out on the road. 

 Black, Gay and Proud men’s magazine called you “Hawte Chaqlat”, based off of your “coming out” song “Chocolate – Spoken Word Mix”, how has this song affected your career and personal life? 

That was an very nice compliment by Proud Men's Magazine. Chocolate, was initially written for my then boyfriend, now husband nearly 9 years ago. As for coming out, I have always been out. My life really has not changed all that much. I do not know if anything had ever been done like Chocolate before, so when I did it, I got some push-back from one friend telling me that I am making a mistake. He kept telling me to get money first and then release the song and video. I kindly told him that it is 2016, the world has changed and we are in a movement. My husband absolutely enjoys 
Chocolate and it is one of his favorite songs on the album. There was one instance where the song may have had a negative impact - an organizer from an indie tour refused to book me. I say, that it is his loss. 

Applause to you for donating proceeds from your album to the Pulse Night Club Victims Fund. Are there any other charities that you would like to create or donate to that you feel will help our society in a positive way? 

No thanks needed, I just like to do my part in giving back to my communities. It was the way that I was raised and I will 
never stop. In addition to Pulse Night Club Victims, I plan on giving money to gun education and prevention programs. 
I started an effort to raise funds from the previous version of #TEOM to help a little girl by the name of Brylie that was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, with using some of the proceeds to send she and her family on a trip to see the ocean. HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention is another cause of mine. I had volunteered at AIDS Partnership of Michigan, Affirmations and worked at Ruth Ellis Center of Detroit, MI. I hope to one day open a dance school in honor of my friend Diane Gary, and something in the name of my Grandfather John I. Williams in my hometown of Lansing, MI. I would really like to honor them in a very special way. 

How do you see Martone evolving on your third album after #TEOM? 

Your questions are so awesome! I see myself evolving vocally with the next project, in addition to recording a song in another language. The process is starting now, I have at least three songs written for an upcoming project. I would like to get more involved in the producing aspect of it by playing an instrument or two. 

Are there any artists in other genres that you would like to work with on your upcoming projects? 

There are a few artists that I would love to work with one day - Janet of course, Rihanna, Beyonce and Barbara Tucker. 

What gets your creative juices flowing? 

Writing a song is like second nature to me, it does not take much to inspire me. I could be anywhere or doing anything, I always keep a pen and pad near me at all times. Songs come to my head while I am in the shower, driving on my way to work, or just conversations that I have with friends or family. Lately, I have a lot that inspires or get my creative juices flowing especially watching the nightly news. 
Thank you so much for a great interview! 
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