The African continent has birth many talented musical artists and influenced the world with its different styles and sounds. Just to name a few, D'Banj, Gito Baloi, Zahara, Angelique Kidjo, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and the list goes on. But now, FTB had the pleasure to meet and learn about the Nigerian Goddess...Oshun MI. Scroll down and let us introduce to you her new video and a little about the life of the vibrant Oshun Mi.


Please tell the people where you are from

I’m from Nigeria.

Did real life experiences influence you on creating the song "Take You"?

Yes it did. I had a crush on a guy I had just began seeing and the song was everything I wanted to tell him. I remember thinking of him while writing the song. It literally depicts what being with me will entail.

Where was the video for "Take You" filmed?

It was filmed in California. We initially planned for a studio to shoot most of the scenes but the price was way too much and I had a tight  budget so we had to improvise.  The party scene was filmed in my apartment in Hollywood, the director of photography Luke Pitassi is like a wizard , he’s a pro  and genius when it comes to lighting and somehow turned my room into a club , we then filmed the lake scene at Malibu Creek ,  the desert scene at El Mirage dry lake and the car scene at my incredible director Mariah Jorjezan’s driveway in Burbank. 

The Vibrations from your music are hypnotizing and healing...describe the soul of Oshun MI

Thanks for the compliment. I’m a very spiritual person and my stage name Oshun MI  means ‘My source’.  It pays homage to a Nigerian river deity. ‘Oshun’ which means ‘source’. The deity became my main source of inspiration when I hit rock bottom. I found a new energy, a new light to shine through my art and it was like a spiritual awakening and ever since, I promised myself that no matter how dark life gets..I’ll continue to create my own sunshine. This is why yellow is my ultimate color because of what it represents. Happiness, sunshine and positivity.

What can your fans and future followers expect from Oshun Mi in the next five years?

I’m pushing myself past my limits and opening doors to greater heights. They can expect the very best of me when it comes to my craft. My music, sounds and videos. I want to connect with every one of them through my music, bring Africa to the world and break boundaries. I’m very versatile and not only focused on Afro pop, I intend to delve into all genres that touch my soul. Especially electro pop, experimental and soul. I just finished a sexy reggae song which I’m about to release also. They should expect nothing short of the very best and open their minds and hearts to the extreme.

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