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New Single "How I Feel"

New Single "Purple Rain'

Pretty Boy Bio

My name is Georgwuan Atkins, and I’m the up-and-coming hip hop artist Pretty Boy. I’m 22, born 9/26/1990 in Troy, NC, and I’ve had a passion for music my whole life. I represent the next generation of hip hop, with my biggest inspirations being Tupac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Nas, and Jay-Z.
I’m with FTB Records, and my songs are featured on the compilation albums Dollar and a Dream and That Part Vol. 1. Currently I have three singles being promoted heavily: No Way Around It, How I Feel, and Purple Rain. These singles and more are available for download on iTunes and at My website home is
I’ve worked with a number of hip hop artists in both North and South Carolina including Y-Stella, Hot Flow, MOE, Hornet, BTR, Spank the Great, Yung Ziggy, Chezzy Boy, Kul Ray, J Rich, Tre Black, and JD. I’ve been featured on Coast to Coast Official DJ Insane’s “Str8 Drop No Flexx Vol 4” mixtape.
I live in Charlotte, NC, and have performed in several area clubs like Scandalos, Club Faces, and Excelsior.
The truth in my music is real. When I write and perform, I draw from the pain of growing up in a drug dealing environment, and the weight I always felt as the oldest of 5 kids in a single parent home.
Joining the FTB team has really helped me to grow and expand as an artist and a person, and every day I strive to perfect my talent and stay true with my words. With a lifetime of experience to draw from, I’m only getting started!

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  1. 1 Purple Rain 03:47 Info
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  2. 2 No Way Around It 03:15 Info
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  3. 3 E Pill - Mook Dogg feat Kul Ray and Pretty Boy 03:48
  4. 4 Rock Star Life 03:57
  5. 5 Fifty Eleven Times 03:05
  6. 6 Sometimes 02:03
  7. 7 Options 02:28
  8. 8 Problems 03:47
  9. 9 U Don't Like Me (I Don't Like U) 01:55
  10. 10 How To Ball mixtape track 02:37
  11. 11 Read Between The Lines 03:00
  12. 12 BMF mixtape track 03:01

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