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 Stedman Bruton aka Yung Bino is a North Carolina native, 22 years of age with a heart of gold and inspired

by life to create music! Spending his time in the recording studio and building his music career to stamp  

his name in the industry. 

Yung Bino linked up with Cato Kelly, CEO of FTB Records and started turning his hobby into a profession.  

He should be coming out with a mixtape for the streets real soon but for now you can check out his new  

single "All Day" right here on his FTB page and download to share with your friends! 

Follow him on twitter @stedmanbruton

More info, music, pictures and videos will be coming soon! 

Thank you for catching Yung Bino in the beginning stages of his career! Now make sure you become a

loyal supporter and follow him as he climbs to the top!!!

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